Sundarban Closed, Shat Gambuj Mosque Flooded with Tourists

Sat Gambuj Mosque Flooded with Tourists

Due to the closure of Sundarban, tourists are gathering at other attractions of Bagerhat like the world heritage site of Shat Gambuj Mosque.

Not only the Shat Gambuj Mosque, but the size of the crowd gathered at historic sites like Khanjahan Ali (Rah.) Majar, Bagerhat’s Chandramahal, and Sundarban Resort, with the addition of Muniganj and Daratana Bridge, are noticeable.

Visitors are coming to these places with their family and friends. Children are also enjoying the different kinds of rides available at the recreational parks.

From the afternoon of the day of Eid, the 10th of July (Sunday) till the night of the 16th of July (Friday), these areas have been overflowing with Sightseers.

All the travel-thirsty people have chosen this city of the historic mosque to enjoy their Eid, since travelling to Sundarban has now been banned. In the past seven days, more than three lac visitors have travelled to Bagerhat, according to people related to the travel and tourism industry. 

Due to the favourable weather, the number of tourists in these historical and scenic places of the district was significant throughout the week, said the Bagerhat Heritage Department.

Fatema Mallik, who came from Dhaka with her family to visit the Shat Gambuj Mosque, said, “I have read in books that Bagerhat is a city of mosques. So many ancient mosques have not been seen anywhere in the country. I had been wishing to come to Bagerhat for a very long time. But never made the time to. It feels great that we all came here together after trying so hard.”

Henna Kamal, another tourist from Dhaka, said, “it was my long-time wish to visit the city of Historic Mosques. But was unable to for time shortage. So this year, I came along with my entire family during this Eid Vacation. The travel situation has also improved since the opening of the Padma bridge. I saw Shat Gambuj Mosque and Khanjahan Ali (Rah.) Majar. I felt wonderful. In one word, I found everything about Bagerhat extraordinary. I wouldn’t have realised that there are so many things to see in our country if I hadn’t come here. Other than that, there are different kinds of rides for kids inside the Shat Gambuj Mosque premises. My children also loved the place. If I ever get time again, I would love to come back here.”

Another tourist by the name of Pavel Mahmood, “I came with my grand-children along with the rest of my family in this Eid vacation. The historic Shat Gambuj Mosque is a unique creation of Hazrat Khan Jahan. I think everyone, including our next generation, should visit this mosque.

Sanchita, who came to Shat Gambuz from Dhaka’s Mirpur area said, “Although I wanted to, in fear of the inconvenience of the ferry ride, I did not come to Bagerhat. But after the inauguration of the Padma Bridge, I came with my entire family. I saw Shat Gambuj Mosque and Khanjahan Ali (Rah.) Majar. I felt superb.”

Sheikh Simon, the coordinator of Helpzone Tours and Travels, said, “For the past few days, numerous visitors have come to Bagerhat’s sightseeing places, including the Shat Gambuj. We have estimated that more than 3 lac tourists have visited multiple entertainment centres of Bagerhat in the last 1 week, including Shat Gambuj Mosque, Khan Jahan (RA) Majar, Chandramahal, Kodla Math, and Chunkhola Mosque. The number of visitors has increased due to the opening of the Padma Bridge and the closure of the Sundarbans.

Archeology Directorate, Bagerhat Custodian, Md. Zaid said, “During the Eid holidays, visitors crowded all the historical buildings of the district, including the Shat Gambuj Mosque. 20 Ansar members and law enforcement officers, including tourist police, have been deployed to these tourists.

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Written by Nadia Farha Mubin

Content Writer and Travel Enthusiast


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