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Mountains are Still Crowded with Tourists

Mountains are Still Crowded with Tourists

Even though the Eid holiday is over, the number of tourists has not lessened in the hill town. The mountains are still crowded with tourists and thousands of travellers still flocking here every day. As a result, there is a festive atmosphere in all the tourist spots.

Rangamati: Tourists are still thronging the tourist centres of Rangamati. Thousands of tourists are coming every day. The mood of the festival prevails in the mountains with their noise and joy. According to research, there is a crowd of 3 to 4 thousand tourists every day at the suspension bridge and Paulwell Park of the Rangamati tourism complex.

As the revenue increases, various small industries involved in the tourism business are prosperous. According to the sources of the tourism complex, the first day of the week i.e. yesterday was also crowded with locals and tourists from surrounding districts on the hanging bridge of Rangamati. The hanging bridge counter was crowded.

Labani Flora, who came to Rangamati for a visit, said, “seeing the clouds floating on the chest of the green hills relieves all stress. So every year I come to Rangamati during the Eid holidays.”

Apart from this, due to the showers around the Kaptai lake, the boat owners are also busy. Rows of tourist boats are kept at the suspension bridge pier of the tourist complex so that the tourists can travel safely to Kaptai Lake.

Khagrachari: The tourist centers of Khagrachari are still festive. The mood of Eid is not over. It has been found that the newly decorated Alutila tourist center is now the most crowded. There are many beautification places including tunnels, bridges, many people are rushing here. Alutila tourist centre is about 600 feet above the sea level.

Although it was neglected for a long time, it has now been completely transformed. Hanging Bridge, Nandankanan Park, Kunjchaya View Point and Swarnatoran have been constructed. Apart from this, the construction work of Amphi Theater and Khumpai Rest House is about to be completed. Tourists will increase if they are launched. Saleh Ahmed, a local hotel owner, said that many tourists are coming this year. Business is getting better. President of Jeep Association Azim said that Chand’s cars and pickups are traveling day and night with tourists. All the hill tourist centers are still very busy.

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