Saidpur Airport to be Regional Hub in Bangladesh

Saidpur Airport

The Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has discussed the entire issue of free transit at Ganabhaban in a press conference about her recent visit to India on Wednesday. Along with this, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that we want to make Saidpur Airport as a regional hub, only those from Nepal, Bhutan and India can use it.

In that case, transit facilities are also needed for the transportation of goods, or the hydroelectricity that we will bring. Transit is also needed because roads have to be built, people have to travel.

The Chief Minister said, ‘Transit is an important thing to maintain communication due to our geographical location. And India’s own communication opportunities, trade and commerce can increase. Bhutan, Nepal, India, Bangladesh – among these four countries there is only one memorandum of understanding.

However, Bhutan’s mountainous terrain does not allow large trucks to enter. Still, our business can do trade easily, whether our products go to India, Bhutan, Nepal — getting that benefit or getting those products from Nepal and Bhutan to our country. Besides our port, Chittagong, Mongla and even Saidpur airport; I told them that you can also use our airport. For example, I have told Tripura that they can use our Chittagong Port and Airport.

Sheikh Hasina said, ‘We have an opportunity to use the Sylhet region. It will not be limited only here, communication with different countries of the world via Myanmar, Thailand, the work we are doing on Trans-Asian Railway, Highway will also create an opportunity. But all countries will benefit. Keeping the door closed will do no good. If it is opened, people will benefit, employment will increase.

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Written by Tamanna Reza


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