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Sylhet Osmani Airport to Resume from Thursday

Sylhet Osmani Airport to Resume from Thursday

The wait is over for travellers from and to Sylhet as the MAG Osmani International Airport will be resuming its activities after the flood water has cleared up from Thursday, 23 June.

Flights will be resuming after all activities at the Sylhet airport were suspended on the 17th of June for 6 days due to the ongoing flooding, confirmed by the station manager of Osmani Internationational Airport, Abdus Sattar. 

On Monday, the management chief at the airport, Abdul Gani said, ”We’re hoping to resume flight operations after two days,”. And added, “The lights to signal aircraft to land or take off are being tested. Besides rainwater reached near the runway. We’ve to clear and assess it.”

The water had cleared out of the runway on Sunday, but still, the operations stayed halted since the approach lights were still submerged under water. Moreover, Airport authorities are checking if floodwater had damaged the wires that connect the signals with other lights as they travel underground

After the water has gone down all the necessary equipment was being thoroughly checked and assessed before the flight activities could restart again. If everything follows as planned, then all activities will start as scheduled.

Debabrata Mallik, the manager of the Biman Bangladesh Sylhet branch, said Bangladesh Biman’s domestic flight will start after 12 PM Thursday.

From 6 AM on Thursday morning, all international flights from and to Osmani international Airport will be resuming as reported by the manager at the airport Md Hafiz Ahmed. 

The flights to and from London will also be rescheduled. However, these flights will only be operated during the daytime as reported by the airport authorities. And the decision to operate flights at night will be taken later based on the progression of the situation as Sylhet was subjected to flood damages twice within a week.

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