Natural Wonders, You Must Explore in Sylhet

Explore in Sylhet

Bangladesh is a beautiful corner of the world full of natural wonders. Sylhet is one of the best-kept secrets in Bangladesh and is the perfect location for your inner explorer to burst free-offering a unique experience from the traditional tourist hotspots. The parks, rivers and wildlife that can all be found in Sylhet are genuinely awe-inspiring, so the Flytobd team have composed this guide containing three must-see natural wonders of Sylhet.

Ratagurl Swamp Forest

Don’t be fooled by the name; the Ratagurl Swamp Forest is an enchanting place to visit. Schedule it correctly, and you’ll be able to camp out in the lush green jungle foliage and observe a wide array of exotic wildlife such as monkeys, reptiles, and birds. You’ll be mesmerised by the sights and sounds! However, wildlife in Sylhet is nothing to be frightened of, as the forest is a sanctuary for these animals, meaning that both you and them will be perfectly safe. We recommend taking an early morning trip here to see the spectacle at its best and avoid making your way over if it’s recently been raining (to avoid ruining your shoes).


Lalakhal is another jungle paradise that can be found in Sylhet. If you plan your trip to take place during the Monsoon period (April-November), you’ll see the very best that Lalakhal has to offer. As a tourist, you’ll be able to spend your day here, hiking across the hills and through the forest, taking in some of the best-untouched landscape scenes in the world. With available boat rides, you can sit down and rest your legs here riding across the rivers that form the Meghalaya Ranges of India and taking in the scenes this way.


Finally, we recommend making your way over to Bisnakandi. This is the point where the ranges of the Khasi Mountain come together, making for a stunning view. With this added charm, by a free-flowing waterfall, it makes for a captivating experience and the best photos.

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Written by Tamanna Reza


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