30 Flights Cancelled at Heathrow for Technical Reasons

30 Flights Cancelled at Heathrow for Technical Reasons

Due to technical issues arising from baggage problems, 30 flights have been cancelled at the famous Heathrow Airport in London, UK. This sudden cancellation affected almost 5,000 passengers who booked those flights.

After the cancellation, some passengers shared an image of the luggage reclaiming area at the airport flooded with piles of bags on social media and they went viral instantly.

The news of the cancellation came after the airport had requested the airlines to reduce 10% of its total scheduled flights that are supposed to report to terminals 2 and 3 on Monday.

Heathrow has decided to cancel some flights to minimise the issues created because of the baggage system. The company made a statement, “We apologise unreservedly for the disruption passengers have faced over the course of this weekend,”.

British Airways has also cancelled a small portion of its total flights as a result of the airport’s request since it operates from terminals 3 and 5. The airlines will be able to reschedule a huge number of their passengers onto a new flight.

During the week of the Platinum Jubilee and half-term holidays, Hundreds of flights were cancelled across the UK. This furthers the concerns people have about travel woes for the entire summer.

Multiple international sources have reported that passengers at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Netherlands, have been troubled by their flight being delayed. And another airline, EasyJet has made announcements to reduce the number of flights by 7%. It was scheduled to operate 160,000 flights this summer.

Some airlines may adjust their flight schedules at Heathrow Airport to ease the current crisis, the BBC reports. In that case, the passengers don’t have to postpone their travel plans.

These disruptions of scheduled flights have been the result of multiple factors, but the most prominent among them is the shortage of staff which left the aviation industry struggling to cope with resurgent demand.

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