“Parjatak Express” on its Way to Cox’s Bazar

“Parjatak Express” on its Way to Cox’s Bazar

On December 1, the tourist city of Cox’s Bazar was connected with the whole country including the capital with the launch of the “Cox’s Bazar Express” train. This is the first train to the port city and home to the longest natural sea beach in the world. After exactly one month, another train started on that route. “Parjatak Express” is named after the tourist city.

On Wednesday, January 10, around 6 am in thick fog, the “Parjatak Express” left from Kamalapur railway for Cox’s Bazar iconic railway station with passengers for the first time. The train will reach Cox’s Bazar around 3 pm.

There are 780 passengers in 16 coaches on the first journey of Parjatak Express’. passengers and concerned parties expect the safety and improvement of railway services to be ensured.

The “Parjatak Express” or train number 815 will leave Cox’s Bazar station at 8 pm and arrive at Chattogram Station at 10:50 pm. After making a stop for 25 minutes at Chattogram, the train will leave the station at 11:15 pm. Then it will directly stop at Kamalapur Railways Station at 4:30 am.

On the other hand, train number 816 will leave Kamalapur Railways Station at 6:15 am and arrive at Dhaka Airport Station at 6:38 am. After making a stop for 5 minutes the train will leave the Dhaka Airport station at  6:43 am. Then it will make a direct stop at Chattogram Station at 11:20 am. After a 20-minute break, it will leave the Chattogram Station at 11:40 am and finally reach Cox’s Bazar station at 3 pm.

In this case, the total travel time from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar will be 9 hours and 15 minutes and from Cox’s Bazar to Dhaka will be 8 hours and 30 minutes.

 The “Parjatak Express” train will have a total of 16 coaches and 785 seats. Cox’s Bazar station will be considered as the rake base for this train. The train will be watered, serviced and cleaned in this station. The weekly holiday for the “Parjatak Express” train service will be on Sundays.

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