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St. Martin is Cut off from all Communication

St. Martin is Cut off from all Communication

Even during the busiest travel season in St. Martin, one of the nation’s tourism destinations, there has been a noticeable drop in visitors as a result of the stoppage of tourist ships from Teknaf. A number of island businessmen expressed concern about the state of the tourism industry. 

Due to fires being shot from Myanmar the Trawlers and speed boats operating on the Teknaf-Saint Martin sea route have been stopped for three days. As a result, all communication to the popular tourist centre of St. Martin is now closed.

On Sunday (June 9), the matter was confirmed by the chairman of St. Martin’s Union Parishad, Mujibur Rahman.

Chairman said that trawler movement has been stopped for three days. Speed-boat movement is also stopped. But so far there has been no crisis. There are many problems with transportation. Many are unable to come to Saint Martin. Some can’t even leave St. Martin again. Some are in trouble with food. However, there has yet to be a food crisis. There may be a shortage of vegetables and daily necessities. And if it is closed for a few more days, there may be a food shortage.

Jasim Uddin Shubo, owner of St. Martin Beach Eco Resort, said, “If all the ships are operating, the island can get 7,000 to 8,000 tourists during peak season holidays. This used to result in a prosperous tourism business. But now only 3 ships are carrying 1,000 to 1,500 tourists. Losses have to be calculated in all cases.”

Abdur Rashid, president of the Teknaf-Saint Martin boat owners’ association, said that all boat movement has been stopped for three days. My boat has also been shot at from Myanmar. Another trawler was also shot at the previous day. People cannot cross. 3 trawlers arrive and 3 depart to transport food, goods and people from Saint Martin to Teknaf. And some trawlers operate to carry other goods. 

Yamin Hossain, Additional District Magistrate (ADM) of Cox’s Bazar District Administration, said, “About 10,000 people live in Saint Martin. They have to fetch their daily necessities from elsewhere. As there is repeated firing from Myanmar, we are considering the option of going to St. Martin. Since this incident is happening in the mouth of the Naf River, we are thinking about alternative ways to arrange their food and transportation by avoiding Naf.”

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Written by Nadia Farha Mubin

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