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Biman Considering Offers of Both Boeing and Airbus

Biman Considering Offers of Both Boeing and Airbus

Biman Bangladesh Airline, the national flag carrier of Bangladesh, is considering offers from both Boeing and Airbus.

On Wednesday (May 15) Wouter Van Wersch, the Executive Vice President of Airbus International and member of the Airbus Group Executive Committee, met with Muhammad Farooq Khan, the Minister of Civil Aviation and Tourism, at the Secretariat. 

During the meeting, Wouter Van Wersch said, “The airline is considering offers from both Boeing and Airbus. That which is good for the aircraft will be bought.” 

The minister said, “We have started purchasing new aircraft to expand the fleet of state-owned airlines Biman Bangladesh. As part of this, Airbus has already submitted its proposal. A high-level committee has been constituted in Biman to evaluate the proposal. Further action will be taken only after receiving the evaluation report of that committee. Meanwhile, Boeing Company has also submitted its proposal. This too will be settled in due process. Whatever is best for Bangladesh and Biman will be done.”

He further said, “The aviation industry is not just about aeroplanes or airports. One of the most important parts of this is skilled human resources. We emphasise creating skilled human resources and their regular and proper training. For that purpose, an aviation university has already been established in Bangladesh. Besides we have some institutes imparting training on the aviation industry. We want to increase the capacity of these educational institutions so that all training related to the aviation industry can be provided in Bangladesh in future. Airbus has an opportunity to work here.”

Wersch said during the interview, “The economic progress of Bangladesh is enviable. Bangladesh deserves praise for the growth of its GDP despite the global crisis. The aviation industry in Bangladesh is a promising sector. We want to forge a long-term relationship with Bangladesh to ensure a sustainable aviation industry”.

He also said, “Besides providing various types of technical support, Airbus is keen to provide training support to all personnel associated with the aviation industry and human resource development. For this, we are working to create a strategic partnership with Bangladesh Aviation University. Airbus wants to be a proud partner in making the vision that has begun to transform Bangladesh into an aviation hub a reality.”

Marie Masduppe, the French Ambassador to Bangladesh, and Sarah Cook, the British High Commissioner to Bangladesh, were also present during Airbus’s meeting with the minister.

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