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Patenga will be Decorated like Cox’s Bazar

Patenga will be Decorated like Cox’s Bazar

The view of the beaches in Chittagong is not like what it used to be, due to many reasons including negligence. However, now they are in the process of getting a makeover by the ‘Chattogram Beach Management Committee’ and soon Chittagong’s Patenga will be decorated like Cox’s Bazar, the country’s largest beach.

Apart from this 16 additional schemes have been planned to enhance the beauty of Chittagong’s Patenga and Anwara Parki beaches and to increase the tourist facilities available there. In this, along with the overall infrastructure of tourist facilities, adequate toilets, washrooms, changing rooms, and cafeterias will be constructed.

Those concerned said that all these initiatives have been taken to make the beaches of Chittagong beautiful like other entertainment spots. Recently, the issue of enhancing the beauty of Patenga and Parki Beach was discussed in the meeting of the Chittagong District Administration. The district administration has already started working on the matter in the interim.

Abul Basar Mohammad Fakhruzzaman, Chittagong District Commissioner, said, “The DC Flower Park has gained immense popularity recently. Open-top buses have also become popular. There are plans to increase tourism facilities for people in Chittagong. This time we want to start the beautification work on the sea beaches of Chittagong. The matter is currently being discussed. I hope to be able to give the people of Chittagong a beautiful beach for a short time.”

Those concerned in the district hope that if the initiatives taken by the administration around Parki and Patenga beaches are implemented, it will open the doors to new possibilities in the field of tourism.

A reliable source in the Chittagong Beach Management Committee said that several decisions have been taken to redecorate Patenga and Parki Beach in Chittagong. Work on the projects has started already started. In the meantime, one of the goals of the district administration is to develop Patenga like Cox’s Bazar.

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