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Top Three Hanging Bridges to Visit in Bangladesh

Hanging Bridges to Visit in Bangladesh

A hanging bridge is a pathway extended with ropes or metal strings used by pedestrians to cross over lakes, canyons or inaccessible ground. Bangladesh has some of the most thrilling hanging bridges in the world offering the most spectacular views. If you have your flight ticket to Bangladesh already booked, you really should try to visit these hanging bridges. Crossing a hanging bridge is an experience one will never forget. Here is a selection of the three best hanging bridges to be found in Bangladesh.

Hanging bridge of Rangamati

Rangamati Hanging Bridge

The Hanging bridge of Rangamati crosses over Kaptai lake. It’s 335 feet in length and offers the most amazing views of the lake and the small hills. You do need to buy a ticket to cross the bridge, but for the views and the thrill, it’s worth it. During the rainy season when the lake rises the bridge can sometimes be submerged underwater, so it’s not always accessible all year round.

Hanging bridge of Bandarban Meghla Parjatan Complex

This hanging bridge is in one of the most stunning locations in Bangladesh. There are many adventurous sites in Bandarban and this bridge offers fantastic views of the surrounding hills and waterways. You need to have a sense of adventure when crossing this bridge because it does wobble slightly as you walk across it! But don’t worry, no one has ever fallen off. Another good thing that’s worth a mention is the fact the Bandarban Meghla Parjatan Complex also has a zoo, a small safari park and some jaw-dropping picnic areas, all of which deserves a visit while you are there.

Hanging bridge of Banshkhali eco-park

Banshkhali eco-park is located in southern Chattogram. This bridge is 400ft long, crosses a beautiful lake and is the longest hanging bridge in Bangladesh. The views of the rolling hills, waterways and forests are breathtaking. The eco-park is composed of 1000 hectares and also has lots of picnic areas, two watchtowers and a mini zoo.

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