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Unique Wildlife in Bangladesh and Where to Spot Them

Unique Wildlife in Bangladesh and Where to Spot Them

Calling all animal lovers and explorers – you’re going to want to book a flight ticket to Bangladesh and enjoy all the amazing and unique wildlife the country has to offer.

Bangladesh is home to 17 national parks, 20 wildlife sanctuaries and one special biodiversity conservation area, making you spoilt for choice. Did you know that in 1971, the Bengal tiger became the national animal of Bangladesh, replacing the lion? There are around 440 Bengal tigers in the forests of the Sundarbans and the Chittagong Hill Tracts, which are specially protected.
Here are three of the best national parks to visit to see all the unique wildlife in Bangladesh.

Himchari National Park

This park and nature reserve is located in southeast Bangladesh and will cost you a flight ticket to Chattogram, the closest airport. Declared a protected area in 1980, 4,000 people live here and share their habitation with some of the most incredible species.

Himchari National Park
In Himchari you’ll find the Ridley sea turtle, Asian black bear, tiger, sloth bear, Rhesus macaque and the Hoolock gibbon – the only native ape species in Bangladesh. Not forgetting 286 species of bird, such as the barn swallow and Asian palm swift.

Bhawal National Park

Established in 1974, Bhawal is the national park of Bangladesh. It’s one of the best places to visit near Dhaka and is only 40 km away from the city. The park protects important habitats and provides opportunities for recreation. It’s noted for its peacocks, tigers, leopards, black panther, elephants, clouded leopards, pythons, catfish and sambar deer.

Unique Wildlife - Bhawal National Park

Not only is it packed full of these amazing animals, but you can explore the extensive flora – there are 345 plant species to discover.

Khadim Nagar National Park

If you want to enjoy activities as well as spot amazing animals, Khadim Nagar is a great park near Sylhet. The city of Sylhet is only 15 km away and boasts of activities like local guides, obstacle courses and zip lines, not to mention the many spotted deer, jackals, mongoose and monitor lizards that call the park their home. Situated on hilly land, the park is surrounded by six tea gardens and is best to visit from November to February.
All of these wildlife delights are just waiting to be explored. Why not click through to get more information on cheap flights to Bangladesh and book a holiday you won’t forget?

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