Top 4 Luxurious Resorts in Bangladesh

Top 3 Luxurious Resorts in Bangladesh

The great thing about travel is that there is a holiday to suit everyone. For many people, enjoying a break in true style and total opulence is their preferred choice. If this is your idea of heaven, and you need somewhere new to visit, why not consider Bangladesh?
There are actually many top Luxurious Resorts in Bangladesh, and this makes it an ideal destination for the more discerning tourist. But which are the best 4 to think about checking out?

1. Sairu Hill Resort

Sairu Hill Resort is a slice of heaven with pure scenic beauty that one can never get enough of away from the clamour of the busy city life. Set against the stunning Bandarban hill range in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, it is a location of natural beauty that inspires ethereal feelings. Once you are inside Sairu, you won’t feel the desire to leave because of the elegant layout and up-to-date facilities that will awe you.

Sairu Hill Resort - luxury resort
Sairu Hill Resort goes above and above to bring you near to nature by paying attention to the view it gives, whereas other resorts try to focus more on the luxury component.
Sairu always leaves enough of beauty and charm for the eyes to dwell upon, regardless of the season.

2. Grand Sultan Tea Resort and Golf

If you grab a direct flight to Sylhet, this sophisticated 5-star resort is easy to get to. Currently, Sylhet’s only 5-star resort, the Grand Sultan, has everything you need for a luxurious break in Bangladesh.

Grand Sultan Tea Resort and Golf

Located in the country’s tea capital of Srimongal, this resort has elegantly finished rooms, attentive staff and is set on fabulously kept grounds. With 135 high-end rooms to choose from and a gorgeous swimming pool to dip into, this hits the spot.

3. Hill Taj Resort

Found in the Rangamati district of Bangladesh, this opulent resort is the last word in comfort. Offering stunning views of Kaptai Lake, the hospitality here is second to none and makes you feel instantly welcome. This is also a serene resort which has a laid-back, peaceful atmosphere to unwind in. If you do fancy being a little more active at times, there is a swimming pool to dive into and various water-based activities to try. The deluxe rooms here are very well finished and come with clean, crisp decor.

4. Bhawal Resort & Spa

Found in the Dhaka region of Bangladesh, Gazipur’s Bhawal Resort & Spa is a real delight. The resort, which is about an hour’s drive from the capital city of Dhaka and embraces a lush green terrain surrounded by unique natural rain forest, is the ideal spot to find oneself in the dreamy serenity of beautiful natural beauty away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Bhawal Resort & Spa
Whether you stay in one of the elegant rooms or rent out a luxurious cottage for your stay, you will not be disappointed. As well as all the amenities you would expect (such as a swimming pool and BBQ area), this resort also has a fitness centre and spa facilities on site. Due to all this, it is one of the country’s most luxurious places to spend time.

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