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Useful Phrases When Travelling to Bangladesh

Useful Phrases Bangladesh

If you’re looking to travel to Bangladesh you need to keep quite a few things in mind. You need to book a flight ticket to Bangladesh, figure out the area you’d like to stay in and decide how you want to spend your days. Are you interested in visiting historical sites to find out more about the exciting history of this beautiful country or are you looking to spend your days chasing waterfalls? No matter how you decide to spend your holiday, it’s helpful to have some common phrases under your belt before visiting any foreign country. Keep reading on to find out the most useful phrases you need to know for your upcoming Bangladesh trip.

Why should I learn useful phrases for my holiday?

While lots of people in Bangladesh speak English, it’s not realistic or fair to expect everyone to understand you. Part of visiting a country is to learn more about their customs, language and culture, so learning a few common phrases is a great way to showcase your respect for the destination while also being helpful if you come across someone who doesn’t speak English.

Useful Phrases

The national language of Bangladesh is Bengali. It is spoken by approximately 98% of local residents and is widely spoken across the country. Some common and useful Bengali phrases that could be of use on your Bangladesh holiday include:

Hello – Salam alaikum

Thank you – Dhonno-baad

How much does it cost? – Etar koto daam?

I would like a ticket – Aa-mee ekta ticket chai

Yes – Jee

No – Jee na

What’s your name? – Tomar nam ki?

My name is – Amar nam

Have a good day – Dinti bhalo katuk

I’m sorry – Maaf koroon

Chicken – Moorgee

Beef – Goru

I don’t understand – Bujhte parini

While it may be difficult to learn at first, try practising these common phrases ahead of your trip. You can also consult useful websites like Youtube if you have further questions about pronunciations.

Visit Bangladesh today

If you’re looking to visit the beautiful country of Bangladesh, it’s helpful to learn some Bengali phrases ahead of time to show your respect for the country and assist you in getting around. Book your holiday to Bangladesh by visiting our website.

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Written by Nadia Farha Mubin

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