What Will You Eat in Bangladesh?

What Will You Eat in Bangladesh?

From its beautiful beaches to its magical waterfalls, sunny Bangladesh is a sought-after holiday destination for travellers with taste. Those looking for adventures of a culinary nature won’t be disappointed either! Read on as we take a look at what your daily diet may involve when you treat yourself to some traditional cuisine in Bangladesh.


Fresh bread is the basis for breakfast in Bangladesh. Paratha is an unleavened flatbread that is first baked and then fried.

breakfast with paratha

It can be served on its own with a little chutney or stuffed with ingredients like spiced vegetables and fried eggs for a more substantial meal.


Bangladesh enjoys an abundance of sunshine, so during the day, temperatures can be high. To ensure you have maximum mobility while you explore this exotic country, eating a light meal at lunchtime is a wise move.

Fortunately, there are plenty of choices to try.

lentil soups in lunch

A wide variety of lentil soups can be found infused with spices like ginger and chilli and fresh herbs, such as coriander leaves. Different types of mashed vegetables or mashed fish are some of the popular food items across Bangladesh; undoubtedly, those are are just mouthwatering! Lemon slices are often served alongside these dishes for added refreshment.

Evening Snacks

Small snacks are easy to track down to keep your energy levels up. Fried, oval-shaped treats like Fuchkas are stuffed with chickpeas, tamarind chutney and mashed potato, mixed to perfection.

Grilled and barbecued meats provide a protein-rich fix.

Chicken kebab evening snacks

From mouth-watering charred chicken on a spit to marinated Sheek kebabs, these meaty morsels are typically served from 5 pm onwards. Most meats will be accompanied by mayonnaise-dressed salad and warm Naan bread.

For snacks, there are numerous options like puffed rice, shingara, samosa, different rolls, puri and many more.

Dinner and dessert

When night draws its shade over Bangladesh, you’ll be ready for a hearty meal. This time again, you may get lentil soups. Lots of seasonal vegetables will be there that may come as fry or curry. And fish is almost an indispensable item of Bengali meals.


Like chicken, fish are also served as fish curry or fish masala. Besides the chicken, there are other meat options of beef or mutton.

Don’t forget dessert! Misti Doi is lovingly made from milk and sweetened with sugar. Low in fat, this yoghurt is a healthy after-dinner dish with a cheesecake-like texture. It is traditionally served in small pots that help it retain its consistency.

When you next buy a flight ticket to Bangladesh, make sure you experience all the gastronomic wonders this culture-rich country has to offer. By the time you fly home, you’ll have a wealth of new culinary experiences to enhance your recipes. Cooking will never be quite the same again!

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Written by Tamanna Reza


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