Daily Dining in Bangladesh

Daily Dining in Bangladesh

World-famous for its lush forests, enchanting waterfalls, and sunny trips to beaches, it is unsurprising that Bangladesh is a Mecca for world travellers seeking new experiences. However, many people also visit this exotic country for the unique flavour sensations that you can only get from dining in Bangladesh. In this blog, we’ll look at some traditional dishes you can delve into on a gastronomic adventure in the Bay of Bengal.

Breakfast bites

Fresh fruit is always available, but bread is among the most popular breakfast dishes in Bangladesh. Baked and fried, Paratha is a kind of unleavened flat bread. While it may be eaten on its own, it can also be stuffed with spiced vegetables and eggs that are fried to perfection for a heartier start to the day.

Lunchtime treats

Afternoon temperatures in Bangladesh can be considerable because of the abundance of sunshine it enjoys. As a result, eating a lighter lunch can be a smart move for those wishing to remain active and explore. Light lunches are easy to come by, however. Spicy soups flavoured with chilli and ginger are served and topped with fresh coriander before being cooled with lemon slices.
Smaller snacks that can be eaten while you walk are also an easy way to keep your tummy happy without overfilling it. The street food snack Fuchka is an ideal option. Oval-shaped, these treats are stuffed with chickpeas for protein and mashed potato for carbohydrates, with the tang of tamarind chutney to tease your taste buds.

Dinner plus dessert

When the cool of the evening comes, you can enjoy a large meal. Meats that have been chargrilled or barbecued are readily available, and you’ll discover mouth-watering marinated kebabs and rotisserie chicken waiting to tempt you. Naan bread, yoghurt dips and salad are typically served on the side.
For afters, you can enjoy the Bangladeshi classic Misti Doi. A low-fat yoghurt that has a texture similar to cheesecake, this traditional dessert is made with milk and sugar and served in little pots.
If you purchase a flight ticket to Bangladesh, ensure you experience all the culinary magic this wonderful country can offer with a day of the traditional dining.

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Written by Tamanna Reza


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