Cox’s Bazar’s Oyster-shaped Railway Station is Progressing Fast

Cox's Bazar’s Oyster-shaped Railway Station is Progressing Fast

The construction work of the world-class railway station with a huge oyster shaped design – big shaped pearls in the middle – is progressing fast at Cox’s Bazar, the longest beach in the world to increase tourist attraction in the country.

Around 60% of the construction work of this aesthetic railway station building at Chowdhurypara opposite Cox’s Bazar bus terminal has already been completed.

Project director of Chattogram-Cox’s Bazar-Ghungdhum Railway Line Mohammad Mofizur Rahman said the shape is designed to synchronize the structure with the world’s largest natural sea beach, the abode of millions of oysters, while “this huge (artificial) oyster would contain the platform and passenger lounges and office rooms.

“Passengers would board the train using the foot over bridge in the second-floor”. The 6-storey station building will have all the modern facilities including a passenger waiting room, child care centre, children’s play area, restaurant, residential hotel, auditorium, he added.

“Under the supervision of Prime Minister’s Office, the project works are going in full swing to complete construction of the railway track at a cost of BDT 18035 crore by 2022.” the project director said.

Rahman said under the project, 88 km track is being built from Dohazari of Chattogram to Ramu of Cox’s Bazar, 12 km from Ramu to Cox’s Bazar and 28m from Ramu Ghumdhum.

Officials said that the railway will be connected with trans-Asian railway networks and it will act as an important route for regional, sub-regional railway communications.

Apart from making the journey easier, comfortable and cheaper for local and foreign tourists, the railways will connect Bangladesh railways with India-Myanmar, China and Turkey. It also contributes to the economy a lot by boosting up business and commerce.


Source: Bangladesh Monitor

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