Genius Packing Tips to Help You Travel

Genius Packing Tips to Help You Travel

A much-needed and well-earned vacation might be the most exciting time of your year, but packing it can bring down the anticipation. The packing process isn’t as easy as it may seem, especially for people with various age groups, with specific health issues or just a lot of requirements for work, such as Vloggers. Also, if you pack wisely, you’ll be capable of leaving plenty of space to store your souvenirs, and you won’t need to buy additional luggage to accommodate this.

The Golden Rule for Packing Clothes

You were likely taught in your childhood that the most efficient method to pack clothes is to fold them. There’s a lot of truth to this claim because folding your clothes means they’ll take up less space in your luggage, and your clothes don’t fold as easily. If you’re packing lots of thin, light fabrics such as silk or chiffon, this might be more beneficial.


When packing, always put your tops and pants first. This is especially important when packing items such as shoes or hats. Keep underwear in separate bags. Cubes for packing are a cost-effective method for organising your things so that they’re easier to sort through when you arrive at your destination. Make use of odd-shaped spaces to store items such as hair tools or makeup bags. And remember that if you are bringing hats, you can put socks, etc into the cubes.

Low Maintenance

Pick clothing that is low-maintenance and highly comfortable. You should choose materials like jerseys, cotton, and denim, but this is contingent on your travels’ purpose. Also, make sure to pack your clothing from top to bottom according to the sequence you’ll need them in, so the clothes you will need the most at the airport should be on top.

Balance the Weight

Whatever the strength of your luggage maybe, you should pack carefully to make sure it’s not falling over and has an accurate weight distribution. Place the heavier items on the bottom and the lighter ones on top. It balances the weight and prevents the loss of your possessions.

Separate Your Separates

How often have you experienced an untidy wire side stick to clothing and cut it? To avoid any entanglement or damage to your clothes, put dry plastic sheets for cleaning between the objects to ensure they are separated in transit.

Handy Appliances

Perhaps your hotel offers everything, but things like ironing, laundry, etc are expensive. Also, when you’re in an area where you’re only staying in an Airbnb, it is possible that you don’t have access to any services. If so, you should consider packing travel-sized appliances such as hair dryers or the most portable blender that you can locate, mini irons and more. Additionally, you should put all your appliances in their appropriate bags to avoid accidents such as spills. If you’re packing toiletries, ensure that you have airtight containers with individual packaging for each item to lessen the chance of spills during travel.

Have Essentials On Hand

Things like snacks, important medications, such as painkillers or nausea meds, toothpaste, and sanitisers should be put in your purse, in a place that you can easily get access to and are not hidden in your carry-on or your main luggage. Additionally, you should always bring a reusable water bottle so that you’re helping the environment while refilling the bottle instead of purchasing numerous plastic bottles. Most times, the air hostesses will fill up the bottle for you. There are water fountains at airports, and many cafes can fill up the water bottle for you at no cost.

A Scarf

Aeroplanes can be extremely cold, as a standard temperature is maintained. So take a scarf or shawl to wear or to use as a blanket, in case you require it.

Valuables Where You Can See Them

Keep valuables such as your tablet, laptop and jewellery, for instance, in your carry-on bags, so they don’t end up inside your main suitcase in which the odds of loss or theft are higher.

Extra Storage

If you think you’ll be shopping, make sure you leave enough space in your luggage when packing. Additionally, you should take a tote or another backpack to ensure that you can put things inside on the way home.

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Written by Tamanna Reza


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