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Shahjalal’s Third Terminal May be Fully Operational Win 6 Months

Shahjalal's Third Terminal to be Fully Operational within 6 months

Shahjalal‘s third terminal may be fully operational within the next six months, said Civil Aviation and Tourism Minister Muhammad Farooq Khan.

The minister said this while talking to reporters at the secretariat on Tuesday (May 7) afternoon. Earlier, the minister held a meeting with Annie Marie Trevelainn, Minister of State for the Indo-Pacific Region of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth and Development Affairs of the United Kingdom.

Highlighting the progress of the third terminal, the aviation minister said, a few days ago the Japanese delegation met me. They said they will need a few more days. Due to covid-19, and the Russia-Ukraine war, not only Bangladesh but also all the projects around the world have slowed down a bit. We have to slow down a bit. But the work is progressing rapidly. We will be able to use it fully in the next few months.

Farooq Khan said that it is not right to say the exact time when it will be fully operational, but they have asked for some time. It will take at least six months.

E-gates have been introduced at the airport but to no avail. In response to a question in this regard, he said, e-gates for e-passports have not been opened. One has a link to the other. We have done the e-gate, but we haven’t done the e-passport yet. And have to wait a few days, they are all progressing one by one.

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