Emirates to Celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan Through Acts of Generosity

Emirates to Celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan Through Acts of Generosity

Emirates will serve thousands of meal boxes to fasting passengers both onboard and at the boarding gates, screen a variety of religious content and hit TV shows on ice, and serve traditional Ramadan dishes in the lounges as a way of honouring the spirit of giving and community to celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan.

At the Emirates’ lounges in Dubai International Airport (DXB), traditional Arabic sweets, dates and coffee will be offered during Ramadan. Meals available in First and Business Class lounges will include a selection of hot and cold Arabic mezze, lentil soup, main courses and desserts consisting of an assortment of the best of Arabic cuisine. Emirates lounges are also equipped with dedicated prayer rooms and ablution facilities to ensure a peaceful environment for worship.

Complementary Iftar boxes with water, laban, a banana, and dates inside are handed out at select Emirates Boarding Gates during iftar time. Emirates uses a unique tool to calculate Imsak (the correct time to commence fasting) and iftar while in-flight, based on the sunrise and sunset of the location the flight is passing by using the aircraft’s longitude, latitude, and altitude, to ensure accuracy for fasting Muslim passengers. Using this timetable the captain makes an official announcement to inform their fasting passengers.

Customers breaking their fast across all cabin classes during a commute to selected destinations will be able to choose from nutritionally balanced Ramadan meal kits starting on March 11. Iftar dinners will be served in specially made boxes by Emirates, which are meant to symbolize the Al Sadu weavers’ rich Emirati legacy. 

Along with sandwiches of Moroccan or zaatar chicken with pickled garlic mayonnaise, the Ramadan meal boxes will feature light bites like hummus with spinach and Arabic bread, tabbouleh with baba ghanoush, and some sweet treats like almond chocolate or Arabic baklawa, cashew nut and pine seed baklawa flowers, in addition to staples like traditional dates and cool laban. These Ramadan boxes from Emirates will be available in addition to the standard hot meal service.

During the month of Ramadan, planes serving Umrah groups visiting Jeddah and Medina will provide Ramadan boxes. Passengers at Dubai International Airport (DXB) and other airports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are also permitted to check in one bottle of Islamic holy water, known as “ZAMZAM,” which can hold up to five litres per passenger.

For the duration of the Holy Month, Emirates Ice will feature numerous special religious content in Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, and Turkish languages. Amongst more than 6500 channels of on-demand entertainment on ice are 550+ channels of Arabic movies and TV, as well as 450 channels of Arabic music and podcasts. The Holy Qur’an is also available on ice.

In Dubai and throughout its network, Emirates trains its on-the-ground staff and cabin crew about Ramadan awareness. To guarantee that operational teams are ready to offer the best possible customer service to passengers during their travels, special training materials have been made available. These materials aim to ensure that teams are aware of the Holy Month, comprehend the cultural significance and nuances of this time, and identify specific practices that Muslims engage in.

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