Air, Sea, and Road Travel Warning by Meteorological Department

Meteorological Department

Winter covers the country with cold wind and fog in a strong way. The minimum temperature has also dropped to 11 degrees Celsius. Again, from midnight to morning, everything is covered in medium or thick fog. Therefore, most of the vehicles have to move with their headlights on, even during the day.

Due to dense fog, the Meteorological Department has issued a warning regarding air, sea, and road communication. The organisation also said that, along with the drop in temperature, the dense fog may last until noon in some places.

The Meteorological Department’s 72-hour weather forecast says that the extension of the sub-continental high-pressure zone is over West Bengal and adjoining areas. Along with this, the seasonal normal low pressure is located over the South Bay of Bengal, the extension of which extends to the North Bay of Bengal.

In this situation, the weather may remain dry with partly cloudy skies today. However, moderate to dense fog will likely fall over the country from midnight to morning, and it may continue till noon in some parts of the country. Also, due to dense fog, there may be disruptions in air traffic, inland waterway transport, and road communication.

However, night and day temperatures may drop slightly across the country during this time. Also, cold conditions may prevail during the day due to dense fog.

The Meteorological Department has also said that the weather may change slightly in the next four days.

Nighttime and daytime temperatures may remain almost unchanged across the country.

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