Nepal Airlines Flight Due to Bangaluru Hits Bird

Nepal Airlines

On Saturday, May 27, a Nepal Airlines aircraft that was due to reach Bengaluru from Tribhuvan International Airport reportedly hit a bird in mid-air and decided to return to the airport. According to Spokesperson at TIA Teknath Sitaula, after the plane made a safe landing in the airport, technicians immediately began examining the aircraft.

The report of the impact was quoted by the Himalayan Times newspaper. According to the reports, the paper’s source at TIA said that the Passengers on flight RA-225 that set out for Bengaluru reported hearing a loud noise.

The flight bound for Bengaluru took off from Tribhuvan International Airport at 1:45 pm on Saturday but was forced to make a U-turn after the incident had occurred. According to the reports from the airport officials the blades on the right wing of the aircraft were damaged.

The Himalayan Times newspaper quoted TIA sources saying regarding the passengers on flight RA-225 hearing a loud noise, “The aircraft was diverted to Kathmandu, suspecting a bird strike in the course of take-off.”

This international flight between India and Nepal on 27 May, Saturday, was carried out by an Airbus A320 aircraft which has a capacity of carrying 180 passengers.

Later it was known that the 2 hours and 30 minutes long flight of Nepal Airlines has safely completed its journey via an unknown aircraft to the designated airport.

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