Tourists Flock to Patenga Beach


On Victory Day (Friday) and the weekend of Saturday, (December 17), the beach town of Patenga was thronged with tourists.

Thousands of tourists were enjoying the beach, which is full to the brim. Some are intoxicated with joy on the beach sand, and some are drunk in the sea.

Patenga Beach was crowded with tourists on Victory Day. People from the metropolis and surrounding areas started coming to the beach along with their family members in the morning. In the afternoon, the whole area becomes deserted.

Along with Patenga Beach, Naval Beach and the City Outer Ring Road area attract tourists. From children to people of different ages, the beach area became crowded. Now is the peak season of tourism. Other city entertainment areas like Patenga Beach are also crowded with tourists.

Tourists say that the unique beauty of this beach fascinates the visitors. There are people all around the sea. Apart from holidays, thousands of people visit here every day. From afternoon to night, there is a gathering of travellers on this beach.

Patenga Beach has located 22 km from Chittagong divisional city. The township of Kolghensa on the Bay of Bengal is a popular tourist spot. Thousands of people rushed to see this spectacular scene.

A businessman from the Manipur area of ​​the capital Dhaka said Patenga Sea Beach is another horizon of tourism like Cox’s Bazar, Kuakata. Various structures have been built here. There are colourful CC blocks, especially for tourists. There are speedboat, horse and carriage rides. Adequate security arrangements are in place for tourists. There are also mobile food stalls.

Locals said that the beauty here has increased more than before, and Patenga Beach has been decorated with sustainable embankments. Any person’s mind will be blown away when they come here. Especially people rush to see the sunset and sunrise.

They also said that there is no erosion in Patenga, which borders the Bay of Bengal. Due to the construction of sustainable embankments, the beach has become full. A Patenga Sea-Beach will be perfected as a more attractive beach in the future.

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Written by Tamanna Reza


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