The Best Wild Animals to See in Bangladesh

Wild Animals to See in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is home to hundreds of species of animals, but out of these, there are some which are more popular with tourists than others. Rightly so! This country has a wide variety of endangered species, most of which are world-famous, so any zoologist or general animal lover will be bound to enjoy their holiday as they scout around the local nature reserves for memorable encounters with these stunning creatures.

Not sure which animals to spot when flying abroad with us? Here are the best wild animals to see in Bangladesh.

Wild Crocodiles

Nothing evokes the thrill of danger more than seeing a wild crocodile. These creatures look prehistoric with their grey scales and rubbery skin, and can be found exposing their humongous white teeth on the basking rocks of the Sundarbans mangrove swamp.

Wild Crocodiles

Head over to the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Khulna Division to see them for yourself. You can easily spot them by checking if their snout is wider and more distinctive than a regular crocodile’s, as this is the signature appearance of the mugger.

Bengal tiger

With only around 3,500 tigers left in the wild, anyone who spots this big cat is incredibly lucky.

Bengal tiger

Native to the Indian regions, around 440 tigers are left in Bangladesh and can be watched by venturing into the dense forests within the country, but it’s best to do this under the guidance of a professional who can ensure that you pose no harm to the wildlife and will similarly keep you safe if any of the animals decide to catch you for a snack!

Clouded leopard

If one big cat isn’t enough for your liking, you can head for a walk over the Chittagong Hill Tracts to look for the clouded leopard.

Clouded leopard

These are native to Bangladesh but have recently become vulnerable due to hunting, which is banned in all countries. Still, if you manage to see one of these beautiful creatures, you will be stunned by their sleek frame and patterned fur.

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