Electric Plane Flew for the First Time

Electric Plane Flew for the First Time

Instead of fuel oil, a fully electric plane flew in the skies of Washington, USA. The plane, named Alice, made a short eight-minute flight from Washington’s Grant County International Airport on Tuesday morning local time. However, there were no passengers on the inaugural flight.

This aircraft has been manufactured by an Israeli aviation company called Eviation. During its first flight, it rose 3,500 feet above sea level. The company’s president, Gregory Davis, called the flight “historic.”

He said to the American media CNN, “After the fifties, this is the first time that completely new technology has been used in the aircraft.”

According to the company, this plane can be charged in just half an hour, just like an electric car or a mobile phone. It can fly in the sky for one hour with nine passengers (total weight of 2500 pounds). The speed will be about 440 nautical miles per hour. Alice can reach a maximum speed of 250 knots or 287 miles per hour.

After Tuesday’s first flight, aviation will collect and review this information.

In 2015, the company hoped to make it capable of passenger transport in just a few years. Aviation believes that if everything goes according to plan, this aircraft will be able to travel with passengers by 2027.

The airline said three versions of the Alice are currently in the testing phase for passenger luxury (executive) and cargo aircraft.

The passenger plane can accommodate nine passengers along with two pilots. The executive aircraft will have room for six passengers with arms and legs spread. On the other hand, cargo space of 450 cubic feet has been arranged in cargo Alice.


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