What to Pack for a Trip to Bangladesh

What to Pack for a Trip to Bangladesh

If you’ve recently bought a flight ticket to Bangladesh, you’re in for a great holiday in a wonderful country. However, it can be tricky to work out what you might need when you are travelling to a place you don’t know very well. So, read on for some of the most important things you’ll need to make sure to have with you on a trip to Bangladesh.

Long sleeved clothes

Despite being a warm country, it is a good idea to pack long sleeves and trousers when you visit in order to provide some protection from the sun as well as rampant mosquitos.

Long sleeved clothes

This is also a good idea since Bangladesh is a Muslim country and so modesty is very important there.


In the hotter months, it’s important to be equipped for the hot weather. Make sure to bring a sun hat and sunglasses if you’re travelling in the summer, from June to October. Some sunscreen is essential to make sure you can enjoy your holiday without facing a painful and irritable burn.

It is also important to consider that there are a lot of monsoons during the summer in Bangladesh, so it may be a good idea to pack natural fabrics to combat the humid air and an umbrella that could be useful in either weather condition.

Bug repellant

Travelling to a country like Bangladesh, it is a good idea to make sure to bring some bug repellant.

Bug repellant

Bites and scratches can ruin your holiday, so make sure you’re prepared, especially if you’re not used to being around a lot of pesky bugs.

Filtering water bottle

It is possible that in the area of the country you are visiting or in some of the places you travel to, there won’t be a reliable water source. In order to combat this, be sure to pack a virus or bacteria-filtering water bottle. This is a precaution you won’t regret, as suffering from an illness on your holiday may spoil some of your trip.
Now that you know what to pack for your holiday, make sure to grab your flight tickets to Bangladesh and head off to your wonderful destination!

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Written by Tamanna Reza


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