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US-Bangla Airlines will be Adding 3 New Aircraft to their Fleet

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The private airline, US-Bangla Airlines is set to add 3 new ATR 72-600 aircraft to their fleet. The current fleet of the airlines holds 16 aircraft. The General Manager of Public Relations of US-Bangla Airlines, Md. Kamrul Islam had stated mentioning that three aircraft will be added by December this year, “Two of them will arrive in the country in November and one in December.”

The US-Bangladesh fleet currently has a total of 16 aircraft, including 7 Boeing 737-800 aircraft and 6 ATR 72-600 aircraft.

With the addition of the new aircraft, the number of flights on domestic and international regional routes will be increased, the airline said. Kamrul Islam said, “Passenger demand is constantly increasing. US-Bangla Airlines plans to increase the number of flights due to the excess passenger demand. The implementation of this plan will be possible if 3 new aircraft are added. ‘

For the past 2 years, due to multiple COVID-19 restrictions being in play, the travel and tourism industry all over the world has taken a huge hit. However, now there is a ray of hope for this industry as many countries have either lifted or eased up their travel regulations. And US-Bangla plans to be properly equipped for the forthcoming boom in the world of travel.

In addition to US-Bangla domestic routes, it operates flights to Kolkata, Chennai, Maldives, Sharjah, Dubai, Muscat, Doha, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Guangzhou. On the other hand, the airline is working on plans to operate flights to Colombo, Delhi, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam and Medina.

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