Where to Go in Sylhet with the Family

Where to go in Sylhet with the family

Sylhet is located in northeastern Bangladesh, where it is packed with places to go, especially if you’re with the family. For those fascinated by nature, it will be an experience like no other, as there are rain forests, unique wildlife and rivers, along with the hilly border connecting India. If you’re more of a history buff, don’t worry, as the Holy Shrine of Hazrat Shahjalal and Shah Paran are sure to make you feel connected. Easy accessibility adds to the attraction of visiting this city, making it popular with tourists all year round. Down below are just a few places that you and your family can visit in Sylhet.


Jaflong is known for its scenic beauty, plunging waterfalls, tea plantations and traditional tribal life. A boat ride on the Dawki River is not to be missed, and make sure to bring your camera, as there’ll be picturesque sights wherever you look.

If you want to spend the whole day sightseeing, the best option would be to hire a car, although buses do travel along this route.

Malanichara Tea Garden

As well as its outstanding natural beauty, Malanichara Tea Garden will give you an insight into what the life of a tea garden worker is like. Sylhet is famous for its tea garden and tea, where 90% of the country’s tea is produced. While you’re there, you’ll feel as though the garden is a green blanket that has been draped over the countryside, and people can go there to cleanse their mind and feel immense calmness.


Lalakhal is a popular day out for families, where you can journey on the turquoise waters of the Shari River and take in the surrounding views of Bangladeshi nature. Watching stone collectors along the banks of the river and seeing the Indian ranges in the distance will make for a memorable experience.

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