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3 delicious Bangladesh foods you NEED to try

Bangladesh is a country that ignites all the senses, and one of those is your taste buds. Bengali food is packed with punch and flavor and you cannot visit Bangladesh without sampling the local cuisine. Below we take you through three delicious Bangladeshi foods you must try.

1. Malsala Dosa

Dosa is a popular Bengali food across a variety of Asian countries, but it’s particularly flavorsome in Bangladesh. Masala dosa is essentially a stuffed dosa. The two elements are the dosa and then the stuffing. Dosa is traditionally made by allowing rice and lentils to soak overnight in water and then mixing it into a batter. The masala stuffing is made from a base of boiled potatoes that are seasoned with mustard seeds then garnished with coriander, grated coconut, and lemon juice. This dish can be eaten at all meal times but is best enjoyed in the evening.


2. Paratha

Paratha is a delicious flatbread that is widely eaten throughout all of Bangladesh, either as a side dish to a curry or stuffed with delicious ingredients and served solo for either breakfast or a light snack. These are made by baking whole wheat dough then shallow frying it in oil or ghee. If you opt for stuffed parathas, popular fillings include potatoes with cauliflower, dal, and a variety of other tasty vegetables and spices.


3. Chingri malai curry

This amazing curry is bursting with flavour and is one of the most famous Bangladesh curry dishes based on coconut milk. It’s popular throughout all of Bangladesh and India too. This is a deliciously creamy seafood curry that is prepared by cooking shrimp or prawns in a coconut milk sauce blended with delicious aromatic spices. Typically it’s served with basmati rice. You’ll find as you sample lots of Bangladesh cuisine that coconut milk is a very common and popular staple ingredient, and this curry is a perfect example of that.

Chingri malai curry

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