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ASA to be Signed to Launch Direct Flights to Switzerland

ASA to be Signed to Launch Direct Flights to Switzerland

With the expectation of signing an Air Service Agreement (ASA), efforts to launch direct flights between Switzerland and Bangladesh are in progress, according to a statement by the concerned officials made on 22 February.

After a meeting with Reto Renggli, the Swiss ambassador in Dhaka, Muhammad Faruk Khan, the Civil Aviation and Tourism Minister, said “We expect an ASA will be signed between Bangladesh and Switzerland in the next two months. Then we will consider operating direct flights between the countries.”

According to a ministry press statement, during a courtesy call with the minister, the Swiss envoy mentioned that Switzerland wants direct flights to the country from Bangladesh.

“It was our pleasure to work with the Bangladesh team on the air service agreement. The Bangladesh team has shown admirable skill in negotiation,” Reto Renggli said at the meeting.

ASA are official, non-binding agreements between nations. While an ASA is not a requirement for operating foreign services, it is uncommon for those services to function without one.

During the conversation with Minister Faruk, the Swiss envoy also mentioned that Bangladesh has had unparalleled economic growth over the past 15 years.

“We hope the ongoing work of transforming Bangladesh into an aviation hub will be implemented soon. We will talk to investors from Switzerland to invest in the tourism industry of Bangladesh.”

“I will undertake a fact-finding mission to visit Bangladesh for investment. Also, we will send the master plan prepared for the development of tourism to the investors,” he added.

The civil aviation minister said, “Bangladesh is located on international aviation routes, we are working to utilise this opportunity to transform Bangladesh into one of the major aviation hubs.”

He said, “The development work of the aviation infrastructure of all the airports of the country including the third terminal of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (HSIA), runway extension and construction of a new terminal at Cox’s Bazar Airport is ongoing.

“We expect the existing passenger and cargo capacity on air routes to double within a few years after the opening of the third terminal next October.”

He outlined current efforts to realise Bangladesh’s enormous tourism potential.

“A tourism master plan has already been finalised. Its implementation will start this year. We are also establishing tourism zones in several other places of the country including Cox’s Bazar for foreign tourists.

“If Switzerland invests there, we will provide them with all the required facilities. Besides, we are working with the Ministry of Home Affairs on visa facilitation and introduction of e-visa.”

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