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Saudia’s Special In-flight Experience for Bangladeshi Families

Saudia’s Special In-flight Experience for Bangladeshi Families

Saudia, the flag carrier of Saudi Arabia based in Jeddah, launched an interesting and first-of-its-kind in-flight experience tailored specifically for Bangladeshi families with children. The main objective of Saudia’s special in-flight experience is to ensure the happiness of Bangladeshi families travelling with the airline.

According to a press release, Saudia, formerly known as Saudi Arabian Airlines, believes that content and cheerful children will lead to relaxed journeys for parents.

The airline is also known for its commitment to passenger satisfaction, which is evident from the cutting-edge in-flight entertainment system “Beyond”, introduced by Saudia last year, which aims to revolutionize the onboard experience.

Throughout the journey, this system notifies Bangladeshi travellers of prayer times while also offering dedicated services for children known as “Kid Mode” that enable them to enjoy a selection of their favourite cartoons, movies, and games

“Beyond” features an impressive and extensive collection of over 5,000 hours of HD content. From films and TV shows from different nationalities to a diverse library of e-books, there are an endless number of options for passengers to enjoy. 

Apart from entertainment, Beyond also offers real-time flight status updates and a sky view during take-off and landing through on-board cameras. Passengers have access to real-time weather reports, flight information, and the real-time status of their itinerary and can even facilitate meal orders.

The airlines also provide a children’s amenity kit featuring an array of SAUDIA-themed cartoon characters, which includes entertaining items like colouring books, crayons, sleeping masks, and volume-controlled earbuds. Additionally, there are specially curated kids’ meals, child-specific in-flight entertainment content, and dedicated play areas within the Alfursan lounges to ensure that children stay engaged during long flights.

All of these and more led to the airline receiving the prestigious “Best Children’s Amenities” award from the Canadian publication Pax Magazine.

Thanks to Saudia’s special in-flight experience, Bangladeshi passengers can also have the luxury of shopping and browsing the latest products from the comfort of their seats. All of which is to ensure a relaxed and happy journey for the entire family.

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Written by Nadia Farha Mubin

Content Writer and Travel Enthusiast


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