Flight Tickets Sold Out Before Starting

Airline Tickets Sold Out Before Starting

Even though Eid is almost 2 weeks away, common passengers are not getting flight tickets. The airline officials said that these tickets had already been sold.

Tickets for the 5 days before Eid and the next 7 days are already 90 per cent booked. As a result, air tickets are like a golden deer during Eid.

It is known that from the beginning of Ramadan, Eid homebound passengers started booking their advance tickets online. Already, the low-cost air tickets for all domestic routes of the country are sold out. Now the nominal flight tickets are all high-priced. Many passengers heading home on Eid say that they have to buy air tickets at a higher price than always.

Currently, Bangladesh Biman, US Bangla Airlines, NovoAir and AirAstra are operating flights on 7 domestic routes in the country. The domestic routes are Dhaka-Syedpur, Dhaka-Rajshahi, Dhaka-Jesore, Dhaka-Chittagong, Dhaka-Cox’s Bazar, Dhaka-Sylhet and Dhaka-Barisal. Among these internal routes, fares for routes other than Cox’s Bazar range from Tk 2999 to Tk 9 thousand.

However, since the low-cost flight tickets are already sold out, the passengers must buy the 10 per cent flight tickets available at Tk 8-9 thousand, the victims said.

Passengers have complained that the airlines are doing monopoly business. Basically, they want to make extra profit around the time of Eid. Taking advantage of the high demand for Eid trips.

Biman Bangladesh Public Relations Officer (General Manager) Tahera Khandkar said, “We have almost sold out tickets before Eid.” However, no decision has been taken on whether additional flights will be offered on domestic routes. And our previous rent has been kept. Airfare has not increased.

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Written by Tamanna Reza


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