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US-Bangla Upgrading Bangladesh’s Aviation Industry


US-Bangla Airlines is taking the responsibility of upgrading the aviation industry of Bangladesh by introducing new and improved aircraft, quality of services, manpower and a wider network.

With the growing demand for air travel, the aviation industry of Bangladesh is also progressing. To maintain this pace, the quality of manpower and services offered needs to be upgraded as well, as stated by Md Abdullah Al Mamun, the Managing Director of US-Bangla Airlines. 

He mentioned that to reform the quality of manpower, a 24,000 sqft training institution with 30 classrooms has been established by the airline in Uttara. 

The airline has been offering theoretical, practical and on-job training on ground handling, sales, customer handling, flying and cabin services through various courses in this facility for the past two months taught by 7-8 expert foreign trainers.

He further mentioned that 4-5 new Bangladeshi airlines will also join their quest to launch operations and “together we will prepare more manpower to take the industry to further prosperity”.

The Managing Director also said US-Bangla will be providing two new Bangladeshi airlines, one being Fly Dhaka, with engineering support.

“We encourage more local players to come into the industry. This way, the business will be more competitive. Passengers will avail the benefits.” 

“Also, the more foreign remittance will come to the country as more Bangladeshi airlines will operate international flights. The country’s airlines would be able to grab the market share from the foreign airlines on international routes.” 

“In turn, the country and its economy will be benefited. And then the government will pay more heed to our demands as there will be more of us in numbers,” added Abdullah Al Mamun. 

To attract quality manpower, he stresses offering better employment or career opportunities for the employees. 

US-Bangla is the first airline in Bangladesh to offer provident fund, gratuity and medical benefits, up to BDT 20,000 OPD for all of its staff and up to BDT 2 lac for hospitalisation. 

They also launched the very first self-check-in kiosk at Dhaka Airport. They developed the two machines operating at the domestic terminal of Dhaka Airport, the OTAs TripLover and FirstTrip of the airline group in their own company.  

On November 26, with the introduction of a new Boeing 737-800, the airline expanded its current private airline fleet to 17.

“We, the local airlines, must bring brand new aircraft to compete with the foreign airlines. We need to bring good inflight entertainment as well. We need to codeshare with other airlines too. If we can do these, we, the country’s airlines, will not need to look back,” noted Al Mamun. 

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Written by Nadia Farha Mubin

Content Writer and Travel Enthusiast


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