Fuchka is on the List of Asia’s 50 Best Street Foods

Fuchka is on the List of Asia's 50 Best Street Foods

As part of the popular Quest’s World of Wonder series published on CNN Travel on August 23, Fuchka of Bangladesh has been ranked first in the list of Asia’s 50 best street food.

The other two subcontinental friends of Phuchka, Golgappa and Panipuri are quite popular in India, but Bangladesh’s Fuchka is different. CNN Travel article also said the same thing.

Here it is said, this Fuchka with sour-salty-sweet taste is the representative and universal street food of Bangladesh. The crispy hollow balls are filled with a puri made from a mixture of double peas and potatoes and are further mixed with onion, chilli, cucumber and the special spice of the chapattis.

Fuchka of Bangladesh is in the list of the best 50 street food in Asia.

But the tamarind chutney served with phuchka is the most prominent. The Fuchka of Bangladesh is described in this article as storming and exciting to the taste core.

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Written by Tamanna Reza


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