US-Bangla takes its legacy to eighth year of successful operations

Worldwide air communication has been difficult since the outbreak of Covid-19. However, US-Bangla Airlines continues to operate in a successful manner despite the difficult circumstances. US-Bangla Airlines began its journey in Bangladesh’s aviation industry on July 17, 2014. It operated flights from Dhaka-Jashore using two Dash8-Q400 planes. US-Bangla Airlines built its air communication network in the shortest time possible by flying to all airports within Bangladesh. They operate domestic flights from Dhaka, Chattogram to Sylhet, Sylhet and Sylhet.

Two years after the Dhaka-Kathmandu route was launched, US-Bangla began international operations on May 15, 2016. They now operate to Kolkata, Chennai and Muscat, Doha. Dubai, Kuala Lumpur. Singapore, Bangkok, Bangkok, Singapore, Bangkok, and Guangzhou. In the near future, it plans to fly to Abu Dhabi and Jeddah as well as Dammam, Colombo Male, Male, and Delhi.
Mohammed Abdullah Al-Mamun (Managing Director, US-Bangla Airlines), stated that the airline is ready to face any competitive challenge in a competitive environment. To provide quality service to passengers, there is no alternative to brand new aircraft in today’s aviation world. To ensure passengers a comfortable experience, US-Bangla constantly adds new aircraft to its fleet. US-Bangla is currently the only domestic airline to operate new aircraft on domestic flights. Sha Allah, I plan to add new aircraft to the international route soon. We are proud to be part of the country’s economic growth and happiness as a family from US-Bangla.

There are currently 14 US-Bangla aircraft in the fleet, including four 164-seat Boeing 737-8800s, three ATR 72 600s with 72 seats, and three Dash 8 Q400s with 76 seats. Since its inception, US-Bangla has maintained a record of 98.7 percent on-time flights.

US-Bangla set a new standard in passenger service and gained the trust of passengers by being a trusted domestic airline. US-Bangla currently employs approximately 1,500 people in the home and abroad. They are also trying to fix the country’s unemployment problem. It has also paid regular tax-surcharges to keep the economy afloat. International flights are also improving the country’s image. They are strengthening the country’s economy by earning foreign currency.

You can book tickets from US-Bangla via the internet or mobile app. You can also order your tickets online. It operates more than 40 offices in the country and overseas.

Skystar is available to frequent flyers. Skystar allows frequent flyers to not only save money on their tickets but also receive discounts by buying different products from different businesses.
Since independence, US Bangladesh Airlines has been India’s only domestic airline that operates direct flights to China and India.

The US-Bangla provides a variety of services to passengers in Bangladesh. This is a leading example of the aviation industry. You can get your luggage delivered within 15 minutes after landing international flights. Senior citizens receive a 20% discount, military personnel and golfers receive a 10% discount, and there are many other notable services.

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