The Best Local Crafts to Buy in Bangladesh

Local Crafts


Bangladesh is a country full of culture, heritage and history. If you are planning to visit this beautiful country, then you should definitely check out the local crafts to find gifts and souvenirs to immortalise your time in Bangladesh. In this article, we’ll go over the best local crafts to buy in Bangladesh.

White Clay Craft

White clay is a type of clay that is white in colour. It is used to make white clay crafts, which are decorative items made of clay.

White Clay Craft

The most common form of white clay craft is pottery, which can be found in many homes or gardens, or souvenir shops. You can also find Hindu goddesses made from clay.


Jamdani is a hand-woven fabric made of cotton. It has a fine texture and is woven by the artisans of Bangladesh. This fabric was once used for saris, but now it is mostly used for making shawls and dupattas (scarves).


Jamdani can be very expensive, depending on where and how you buy it. Hand-woven Jamdanis are more expensive than machine-made Jamdanis, but there are some places where both types are sold at the same price as long as they meet certain standards

Tanjore Paintings

Tanjore paintings are a popular craft in Bangladesh. These paintings are created using 24-carat gold foil and other precious stones, which give them an elegant look. The paintings display Hindu Gods and Goddesses painted in bright colours with a lot of details. Indian traditional instruments are also depicted in these paintings, making them a wonderful piece of art to buy if you love Indian culture or music.


The above-mentioned crafts are some of the most popular ones in Bangladesh. Many people buy these products as souvenirs for their friends and family members. The best place to find them is at the bazaars located around the city centre of Dhaka where you will find a variety of souvenirs for sale. So take the time to explore the markets and bazaars of the region and find some truly incredible souvenirs for yourself, your friends and your family.

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