3 Best Things to See in Rajshahi Division

Rajshahi Division

Rajshahi Division is one of the oldest and most exciting parts of Bangladesh to visit. Found in the north of the country, it not only has plenty of top accommodation choices, but also lots of thrilling things to see. But which are the top 3 places to visit in Rajshahi for tourists?

Puthia Temple Complex

When it comes to what to see in Rajshahi Division, this is something anyone who visits there must know about. It really is a stunning sight and a fascinating place to spend time.
The Puthia Temple Complex itself consists of multiple Hindu temples clustered together. Found around 23 kilometres to the east of Rajshahi City, it contains the biggest number of historic temples in the whole of Bangladesh. The individual buildings themselves are made from terracotta and constructed in a variety of styles. Temples in this complex such as The Rajbari are laid out around an expansive lawn and lake to enjoy.

Varendra Research Museum

If you want to get a real taste of ancient Bengal, a visit here is advised. This popular museum, tourist attraction and research centre was founded in 1910 – initially as the Veranda Investigation Society. Sitting at the heart of the Rajshahi Division, it is known as the country’s oldest museum and is now looked after by Rajshahi University.
Many items of historical interest are contained inside, and this includes the personal collections of the Rajahs of Natore/the Rajahs of Rajshahi. The many galleries inside also contain Buddhist sculptures and sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses.

Bagha Mosque

This beautiful mosque is located in Bagha and just 40 kilometres southeast of Rajshahi itself. Built in 1524 by Sultan Nusrat Shah, it has seen many renovations over time and was totally rebuilt in 1897. This brought it back to its full glory and makes it a top attraction for any visitor to this region.
With a grand courtyard and 6 magnificent pillars inside, it really does take your breath away. Bagha Mosque is also known for its intricate carvings on the building’s north side and 4 arches inside, which are inlaid with glorious artwork. With 10 domes, 4 minarets and a serene lake next door, it really is an impressive spectacle.

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